How much do you want to sell this property for?

Please check the Land Profile page for basic land information, stats and current requested price.

What is the Location of this property?

Villa Bonita de Barú, Pérez Zeledón, San José, Costa Rica (Central-South Pacific). This property is located amongst the most mountainous and most lush areas in Costa Rica, therefore making for unusually eye-appealing landscapes.

Coordinates: 09°22’87.3” N
083°53’72.0” W

What is the total area in acres or hectares?

70 hectares (173 acres). ‘Consists of ~ 35 hectares (86.5 acres) of pristine rainforest, and ~ 35 hectares (86.5 acres) of meadows apt for development. It should be noted that, given Costa Rica’s environmental laws, the cutting of forest is prohibited. The fact that roughly half of this property consists of meadows is significant, as these areas allow for the possibility of development in stride with Costa Rica’s environmental laws.

It’s at the top of a mountain, what’s the altitude?

790 meters (2,592 feet) above sea level at lowest point – increasing to 1090 meters (3,576 feet) above sea level at highest point. The given altitudes create for mild year-round temperatures, making air-conditioning unnecessary – an appealing alternative to the intense, sticky, heat associated with the coastal areas.

Is there privacy?

Ensured and everlasting privacy! This property’s top-of-the-mountain location, unique topography (general concave shape), and forested boundaries, together provide for the utmost in privacy. Forested corridors environmentally protected against alteration as per Costa Rica law, flank the property’s boundaries on three sides, acting to ensure that the property’s privacy is never jeopardized. Additionally, the property is situated at an “end of the road” location, thus no thru vehicle access (i.e., no thru traffic). ‘Very appealing from a privacy, as well as a security, standpoint!

What are the views like? Are there any obstructions?

Nothing short of spectacular ocean, mountain, and valley views! Virtually all of the property has sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, surrounding mountains, and valleys below, as well as whitewater ocean views.

You mention there is a plant nursery, tell me more.

On-site plant nursery, with hundreds of palms, including Cuban palms, a virtually infinite supply of vetiver (non-invasive earth-retaining grass), etc.

Are there utilities or are you off the grid?

  • Water: Naturally occurring year-round springs (3) – clinically tested for potability. ‘Waterfalls, as well as creeks, that run year-round.
  • Electricity: Multiple service providers now offer service in the area.
  • Telecommunications: Cellular telephone, as well as broad-band Internet, is available via ICE’s 3G and 4G networks.

What kind of access is there to the property?

As of this time access is progressively improving via community and municipal efforts. The distance to the property from “the pavement” (Costanera coastal highway) is 12.5 kilometers ( ≈ 7.8 miles). This property offers a seemingly endless supply of naturally occurring road-building material. This is significant from a cost savings standpoint, regarding the potential construction and maintenance of internal roads.

Is there wildlife on the property?

Given the property’s secluded location – undisturbed, un-commercialized and unburdened by cars, crowds or high rises – wildlife abounds – wildlife largely unseen in the more traveled (i.e., more populated) areas of Costa Rica – including felines.

Is there a title guarantee?

This property holds a title guaranty issued by Stewart Title based in Houston, Texas – transferable via the acquisition of the optional foreign corporation (sociedad anónima) to which said property is registered.

How does this make for a good investment property?

Area real estate is suspected to increase in value given the anticipated ground-breaking of the regional international airport, as well as given the completion of the coastal highway and inevitable stimulation of area development.